Saturday, February 26, 2011

First I was Insaine and losing it, Now Im ancient?!?!?!?!!?

What is going on here?!?!?! Seriously though!
So we are sitting at the table tonight eating dinner .....About half way through Kira looks at me and goes,
"Mom, did you have candy back in the olden days"!

You did not just say that to me!!! My hubby looks at me, I look at him....He's trying not to choke on his food and not to laugh his rear off! I just remember my jaw dropping open, looking at Kira and asking her "WHAT!?"

In the olden days....Um, so I replied calmly to her, that "I am only 29 years old, that is not that old"..... Yeah, that was really long time ago! ....Was there candy when i was little......I should have told her that I created the candy!!

Mind you it was a good laugh, thanks Kiddo! I can always count on you saying something to make me smile and laugh xoxo I cannot believe that you are nine now, where have the years gone!?!? 
From this;

To this;

                        Pretend there's a photo here for now...I will take aphoto when she wakes up in the morning!

As for my new Blog- I will post it sometime tomorrow! I am very excited about this!!!!!

Please do not forget about all the giveaways going on right now! Fan celebrations are on!
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These are just some of the Many giveaway's going on, on Facebook! These are just some of the one's I've sponsored! I will check my wall in the morning and add anyone I've forgotten!

Last part to my blog is....I didn't know that ppl with cell phones can read anything in the discussion tab. I was wondering why no one was entereing my random giveaway! So i will repost it as a note, and I will also post it on my blog! (you just have to make sure you read yesterday's post! GL everyone!

Hello Momma's out there :o)
As we all know from time to time, us mothers kind of lose it, right!?!! So we also from time to time need to chill, have a good laugh and possible do/buy something for ourselves......well here's a chance for us to do that!

Okay here goes! This is what you have to do- in order!
1> Got to my blog ; Follow it; Then read my current blog called "I am Officially Insaine"! (you can also check out the comment for this one as it's what inspired me to do this).

2> Come back here...(this is the good part).... I want you to post your little story here!

3> Share this with others, either on FB or twitter...or whatever forum you'd like!

That's it, simple as 1-2-3!

I will let this run through the weekend. I will post a comment saying that this contest is closed Tuesday morning. So everyone has a chance to enter :o)

As for choosing the winner, I am not going to use as I swear it has something against me (for all the giveaways I've entered I've yet to win anything-and trust me I've entered a LOT) rofl. I will do this one a little different. I will put together a panel of a handfull of ppl, I will get a favorite from each five of them, then I will use a person who has no one in this contest to pick their favorite from those five! (wanna know who I'll use for that judge?? husband! rofl) He'an objective person in this and will just LOVE the fact that I am making him... I mean asking him to do thisI also just came up with another quick thought! The Other four who are runners up, will recieve a 10$ GC!!
Good Luck everyone!
Oh yeah, here's the prize that you have a chance of winning! ($30.00 retail value)

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