Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So much for some peace!

What a day it was yesterday- two people close to me were having bad day's yesterday, I felt so bad for them both! It is crazy that everyone has bad days, and the difference in their bad days are so different!

My girl friends fiance was just having a horrible day- poor guy! He didn't get called in for a shift at work and that's how his bad day started! From there he went to go groceries (his fiance is 34 weeks preggo's)- at the store he had problems with ppl blocking him and not listening to him asking them to move (language barrier). Then the lady at the till didn't pack the bags right, so when he got home the meat had defrosted on some other stuff and ruined it- while he was trying to salvage it another things dropped- JAM all over the floor! (and he just washed the floors that morning! At one point after being mad he scared the dog by walking by or something , JD yelped and ended up being scared of him for a few hrs- then at another point he accidently dropped something on the dog! He was so frustrated! It's one of those days that your spouse can laugh out loud about this- and it's one of those days that you will eventually laugh at too!

The other person to have a bad day was my husband :o( I dont want to get into too much details of course, but basically  the person he was working with for two weeks, he was also staying with (as he's out of town on a contract).... The person and another guy jumped my husband because he wouldn't lend them money for  what they wanted to get. Long story short- neighbors called cops, one guy took off and the other arrested (and will be charged)! My hubby apparently got it bad (in the last 5 yrs he's not had anything like that happen to him). So he's pretty sore today, and in the morning he will be driven home- He will have to come into the hospital here and get seen by a doc again....I'm guessing it would hurt to have a jack daniels bottle hit you in the head- 1 inch gash from that- black eye- half tooth missin/bottom front teeth loose-goose egg on head (concusion)-knee/leg stomped on pretty good....who know's what else!

Such a difference in bad days! It goes to show that we all have bad days, and things happen that we do not expect to happen!


This brings me to something else that I want to share with everyone!  I friend invited me to a group on Facebook, I accepted and realized that it was about! This store kicks at my heart, as do some of the other one's I've seen!  I want to share some of these stories in some of my blogs, to get awareness out there and maybe you will take it upon yourself to check out the groups or causes for yourself, and help out too! One mother raising money for Autism! I know about autism and how it effect's lives- and this one mother is doing what she can to help!  Here's her story!

             Plushland Fundraiser                              

 My name is Jessica Phillips.I have an 8 year old who is on the spectrum.He was diagnosed at age 3 and let me tell you it is a life long struggle.Most people are unaware of autism and the effects it can have on not just the child but the entire family.

This is why I chose ot raise awareness and sell the plushland bears.We had recieved a autism awareness beanie bear from our walk coordinator for raising money last year for our towns walk.Living in a small remote town where nobody likes to help or small mom and pop businesses can not afford to sponser it is hard raising money for a cause wich nobody understands.

Racking my brain not wanting to give up I glanced over and saw the bear setting on the shelf.It was then it came to me.Both children and adults like bears.So I searched and found plushland bears fundraisers.I got in contact with them and worked out all the details.After all it is easier to "sell" bears and the proceeds go to the cause.This way people are not JUST donating they are getting something in return.

This still did not work 100% so I again racked my brain and decided to again give.....For every 10 bears that are ordered I do a drawing for a SCENTSY surprise.It seems to help that way everone loves scentsy.So now not only are they donating to autism and getting a bear BUT they are also getting a chance to win.

I have a huge passion for this cause.Organizations like easter seals and make a wish do not even acknowlege these children and adults....The govenment is even turning there cheek the other way and making health insurance cuts claiming that these children do not need extra care.I can say this from my heart and soul.  It is very crutial for them to get help.No they may not have a life threatening illness. BUT YES they do have a lifelong illness.Some of these children will never be able to talk,  never be able to feel,and never be able to look there parents or loved ones in the eye and say 3 simple words"I LOVE YOU" and actually know what that means.

Please if anyone reads this and wishes to help by buying a bear, making a small doantion, or even spreading the word about my fundraising DO NOT hesitate to contact me. My goal is 100 bears but with your help and efforts I may be able to go a long way.There are people in bigger citys who raise thousands of dollars. With your help I can too...

                                             Click here to go to Plushland Fundraiser                                                   

When you go to Plushland Fundraiser, let her know where you heard about it from!  I will be purchasing a bear myself today! Go and Purchase your bear too!

                                           Click here to go to Plushland Fundraiser                                                                                                          

Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Long Overdue Post !

 Well it's long overdue for me to do my blog post! I have been sick and still am stuck with this cough that is dry and is absolutely killing me!!! Nothing is working for getting rid of this dry cough- I am going to go back on my asthma puffer tomorrow to see if that will help lessen it at all. I will cross my fingers!
Did you see today's earrings on my other blog-->  Earrings A Day??  I think they are cute!


Im finding I am still being a little more girly.....I've still been emotional, especially about the whole baby thing!  This is driving me nuts!! I need my hard shell of an exterior back! lol What I really find funny is I was doing a google search to find a photo to put in after my last comment, I used the words 'hard exterior' in my search and this is one of the photo's that came up!

 I love that man! One of my fav actors <3

 But back to the whole baby subject- I have joined this group on facebook, and I just dont know how these parents do what they have to do- or even their daughter deals with daily! On March 17, 2011 Camryn Hunter was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Kingston for the next 4 to 8 months.

The group is there for people who want to send support and love to the Hunter family, and even there are people who are doing things to raise money to be able to help out the family financialy. The amazing thing is Camryn is only 3 yrs old!

There was a video posted up on the group of when she was born- the song, the pics, the words- all went together seamlessly, and watching the video makes you feel like you know this family! I am pretty sure that if you watch the video you will crack a tear or two!

A Prayer for Camryn is what the group is titled- please go and show your support. from time to time there are also updates on Camryn from her parents <3 They will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.
It is such a happy moment when we have children, and at the same time is very scary as we dont know what lays ahead for us all!
Well I am waiting now for a ton of things I ordered, I now have to order some more items. I've got this one photo to share with everyone, that I know you'll love just as much as me!
I am still working with a wardrobe stylist, Anna- You rock!  She is doing another photo shoot in May- that I am excited to make some new peices for! Here's is the one I have on hand, the Model who is gorgeous herself, is wearing my necklace & bracelet set.
Here are a few items that I've worked on lately, not all are listed at this time thought, but here's your sneak peak <3
This is an awesome vintage bracelet I ran across and am adding three jewels to it, just to give it something different! If it would fit my wrist I'd be keeping it for myself! lol

This necklace is one of my favorite's right now. I have used wire to place the beads together to make flowers. I hope to make a few more bracelets and necklaces with the same type of flowers.
This is a pin that I made, simple and small but I love the polymer clay flower!
Lastly here are some rings that I am keeping for myself, they are all made from vintage clip on earrings

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A quick note 4 every1

I am currently sick but want you all to know that I do have my other blog too!  Called Earrings A Day- i will make earrings a day for 1 yr- sell half and giveaway half with the choice of a donation. then it will go to a charity- there is a poll on the page of the choices there are!
Come follow my journey and share with others! <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Back- Fall Forward ??

What a day I had today! Have you ever had a day where you are pretty sure you've gone through every emotion ever possible?? I think I had one of those days today.

I seriously have felt everyone of those faces today!

The last few months have been long for us, we are going through a few things and a few changes in this time period..... This last week my hubby got stuck where he went to visit a friend and pick up some of our stuff. There seemed to be one thing after another that happened, and not necessarily good things. When he was going to come home he couldn't go because of  a road closure, avalanch and mud/rock slide....He waited till the next day, and what would normally take eight hours to drive, took him twelve hours!!  Mother nature sure is having her fun right now! lol   Click here to see a short video of the avalanche                               

Have you had one of those days where you wake up and just are in a bad mood and cranky? Well that was my hubby today! Everything made him mad and cranky- so at one point him and I had a little spat! (It's been a while since that has happened) One thing lead to another and that was it! He felt worthless and horrible and at one point cried a few tears (OMG I told the world he cried)!  I then did what I usually do and be the strong one, sit there and talk it out with him and make him feel somewhat better (I've been doing that for 10yrs with him, and I will always be there for him and give him a shoulder if he ever needs it)..... So one thing diffused.....and another thing starts!

Then I guess it was my turn! I started crying about things, and finally talk to him about how I am feeling about everything. I am really bad at not talking about how I feel and what is going on inside my head,  I just let things be until Im pretty much ready to blow. As long as everyone else is happy, has what they need or I've helped them by putting them first- I just put that before anything personal. That way I dont have to focus on things that I dont want to deal with! I know it's bad!
Once I started to be upset I then started to doubt myself about everything, if I can do the coaching for soccer, if I can start up my own buisness with jewelry and then hairdressing- it just avalanched from there!

I couldn't shake the crying, it just kept coming out of me!! It's been a while since I've been like this!  It's also been about two years since I've gone through the baby blues, and the last two weeks it's hit me pretty bad. I told him about that too, and he said he can't lie and say he know's how I feel, cause he doesn't and he can't even begin to imagine how I feel or what goes through my mind about it.  After about a minute of calming down I wanted to show him a picture that my gf showed me before posting it on FB-

I was very honored that I was invited to veiw the 3D ultrasound via webcast this weekend (and it killed me that I had to miss it because of my soccer clinic). So I showed my hubby the photo and as soon as I saw the pic again I just bawled! I was a mess! I know of so many people who are having babies, and I couldn't be more than happy for them all <3 And all my friends who have had babies in the last year! Babies just keep getting cuter and cuter <3

I'd like to say after ten years of being together with someone it get's easier, but it doesn't! It's something that you always have to be working at! Some things get better and some things may get worse...but in my situation I always know that no matter what I have a husband that loves me with all his heart, and on a day like today , that re-affirms it! 

I almost forgot- after having a nap and waking up we were looking at the time and getting confused because the computer clock was different the the stove clock- so we sat there for a few minutes and then I remembered about the time change! My husband was sure that time was to go back an hour, I told him it was the other way around- I laughed so hard cause I could tell he was thinking so hard- I told him that you don't spring back and fall forward- it's fall back spring forward! hahaha

So this was my day, and I cannot believe that I have been this open about my day with everyone else.
I am thinking about doing a raffle on my Facebook page- with a buy in - one slot for $3.00 or two for $5.00. I will do what other's have done- and put up numbers 1- 30 and then have a three prizes to be won.
What I need to know from everyone is what they'd like to see up for the prizes? I was thinking a necklace for first place ; a charm bracelet for second place; earrings for third place. Please leave me your comment here and let me know, unless I get good feedback on here I wont end up doing the raffle.

 Dont forget to leave me some feedback PLEASE! I really want to do the raffle idea <3

Saturday, March 5, 2011

You want me to do what!?!?

So this morning as we are about to leave my husband just starts laughing out loud, so I kept asking what he was laughing about but I could tell he didn't want to tell me. This got me mad! He then told me he was laughing cause he was thinking about a bunch of people running around a gym doing soccer stuff, more or less he was imagining me donig it! He has told me though over the last few days that he know's I can do it! The last three days we've actually been laughing about it.

See, I'm not your typical soccer coach, I have a lot of health issues and am not fit in the least bit! I was a little worried this morning, more of the unknown. Not knowing what was going to go on or what we'd have to do. I'm glad I can laugh at myself, cause otherwise I'd probably cry!

The other day a girl I grew up with said that She remember's how competative I was in school. I dont remember being competative but I do remember that I always ran faster than the boys in my class and I wanted to do better than them! I think that's because I was always overweight and was picked on or made fun of, so I had to do something better than those who were jerks to me. Even though I was made fun of by kids I grew up with I still considered them my friends, I went to school with these kids from kindergarden through to grade 8. What I went through made me who I am today, and I wouldn't change it for anything :o)
So today at the soccer course, all went relatively well. An hr was spend on the handbook and discussing things, then we went to the gym for 1.5hrs. We were split into three groups and the guy explained different warm ups and other things to do, so as one group went up the other's watched. When my group went up I was wondering what he was going to have us do, and it wasn't as bad as what some of the groups had done! lol Doing a figure 8 around cones is hard on the gym floor! lol passing the soccer ball through the cones running around....running through ladder rungs different warm up games....

You dont have to watch this whole vid as it's 7minutes long, but the first thing that is shown on the video is the first thing I had to do (Hence the title for today's blog) lol

I am sure glad it wasn't as bad as I thought, and I definately learned a lot! Next weekend I have a three day course, then become a certified soccer coach.

I am sure glad that I made it through my day. I think that I should have a little more confidence in myself now! I can do it........ I did it today!

I can't wait for tomorrow because we are picking up our daughter, and then the week begins again <3

Here's a photo of a necklace that I will be finishing this week :O)

I've had these Heart Wish Box charms and was originally going to use them for charm bracelets (which mind you I still may do). But I am working on another idea too! So stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have you Ever...

Have you ever had one of those days that when you wake up, you are instantly grumpy? (I have another word but I wont use it) lol.
I woke up and was just mad about everything, and at everyone! I feel bad when I think about it now, but I was just waking up! I didn't know what I was doing! haha (wish I could use that excuse)!  Lets see what I can remember....

I dont really remember, just that everything made me mad!  My head was pounding and I just wanted to go back to bed!  I eventually lightened up :o)

But you know it got me thinking..... You ever have those moments that you feel like you are going to burst!? Can't hold in your feelings, when your child isn't listening and talking back to you? Or your husband does something to make you mad? (it happens a lot, I know)! 
What it made me wonder is, how did my mom do it, with out losing it (and she had 3kid, not 1)!! Seriously though, how did she do it...was she secretly drinking everyday? rofl just kidding mom, as I know your reading this! <3 I(Even though 30yrs ago on xmas morning, there are photo's that show  you and dad would have a beer)! lol 
All I can say is that I thank my parent's for who they are and how they raised me. To this day they are still more supportive than they should be, but none the less I am more thankful for them than they'd every know <3
You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family! so get used to them! lol
Now my daughter's in bed, hubby is volunteering for the night...it's just me.  *Note to self ; bring in the garbage bags so they don't get ripped open like this morning! and relax for a bit!

I am excited that I was featured on a blog!! First time, and I am proud!  Here's the link for the blog, there are a few other's that are mentioned too- all have great stuff <3
Thankyou Simple promotions 

Last tidbit for my rant tonight is I want to mention a shop that is definately deserving of having more fans!
Shelly is newer to selling on the internet and her page is new too! She is very talented and has awesome thing that are worth checking out!! Go and encourage her!! Like her page, and let her knOw what you think!
I love this headband! Love the flower with the button and the colors!!! 

This is on of my fav pillows of Hers! Isn't it great! I find her things to be refreshing and original!
 You can check her out in a few different places, here are her links!
                Etsy (The Pink Giraffe)
                Blog- My Life as I See It

Lets show our support to all artisans!