Saturday, February 26, 2011

First I was Insaine and losing it, Now Im ancient?!?!?!?!!?

What is going on here?!?!?! Seriously though!
So we are sitting at the table tonight eating dinner .....About half way through Kira looks at me and goes,
"Mom, did you have candy back in the olden days"!

You did not just say that to me!!! My hubby looks at me, I look at him....He's trying not to choke on his food and not to laugh his rear off! I just remember my jaw dropping open, looking at Kira and asking her "WHAT!?"

In the olden days....Um, so I replied calmly to her, that "I am only 29 years old, that is not that old"..... Yeah, that was really long time ago! ....Was there candy when i was little......I should have told her that I created the candy!!

Mind you it was a good laugh, thanks Kiddo! I can always count on you saying something to make me smile and laugh xoxo I cannot believe that you are nine now, where have the years gone!?!? 
From this;

To this;

                        Pretend there's a photo here for now...I will take aphoto when she wakes up in the morning!

As for my new Blog- I will post it sometime tomorrow! I am very excited about this!!!!!

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Last part to my blog is....I didn't know that ppl with cell phones can read anything in the discussion tab. I was wondering why no one was entereing my random giveaway! So i will repost it as a note, and I will also post it on my blog! (you just have to make sure you read yesterday's post! GL everyone!

Hello Momma's out there :o)
As we all know from time to time, us mothers kind of lose it, right!?!! So we also from time to time need to chill, have a good laugh and possible do/buy something for ourselves......well here's a chance for us to do that!

Okay here goes! This is what you have to do- in order!
1> Got to my blog ; Follow it; Then read my current blog called "I am Officially Insaine"! (you can also check out the comment for this one as it's what inspired me to do this).

2> Come back here...(this is the good part).... I want you to post your little story here!

3> Share this with others, either on FB or twitter...or whatever forum you'd like!

That's it, simple as 1-2-3!

I will let this run through the weekend. I will post a comment saying that this contest is closed Tuesday morning. So everyone has a chance to enter :o)

As for choosing the winner, I am not going to use as I swear it has something against me (for all the giveaways I've entered I've yet to win anything-and trust me I've entered a LOT) rofl. I will do this one a little different. I will put together a panel of a handfull of ppl, I will get a favorite from each five of them, then I will use a person who has no one in this contest to pick their favorite from those five! (wanna know who I'll use for that judge?? husband! rofl) He'an objective person in this and will just LOVE the fact that I am making him... I mean asking him to do thisI also just came up with another quick thought! The Other four who are runners up, will recieve a 10$ GC!!
Good Luck everyone!
Oh yeah, here's the prize that you have a chance of winning! ($30.00 retail value)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I am officially insaine!

Seriously- I  have officially lost it! Where'd my mind go to....Anyone know where I might be able to find it?? lol
My daughter came home being mad with me. (oh the joy's of having a child mad at you, especially when you have no idea why yet)! She was mad that I didn't go to the school with a sled at the end of the day so she could play.....Sorry -5 and I couldn't get rid of the chill in my bones! Not going outside! So I said to her that tomorrow after school I'd be there with her sled and she can stay- She got more mad at me, cause she said there was no school tomorrow. Well I told her that there was kept going back and forth for a bit. She told me it was the 24th and it's the weekend....So I go wake my hubby from his sleep to tell him that she was so angry with me....
So after explaining to my hubby why our daughter was so mad at me, he then told me that She doesn't have school tomorrow. I think I looked at him like he just was an idiot and told him it's only Wed, so she still has school tomorrow and I'll bring her sledding after school. I think I asked him about five times if he was sure he was right....that today is
                                   Thursday, February 24, 2011
So I couldn't believe that somewhere along the week I lost myself....or I lost a day I should say! lol
As of now though it is Friday!  I still cannot believe that I totally did that....  So today at some point I will bring my daughter sledding.

So I've been working with different items lately, but have gotten lost as to how to finish some of them. So when this happens I put it in a container and every once and a while I will pull them out to look at them see if I come up with anything new. I have an album of most of the items on FB but here are a few of pics to see now.

Feedback is definately welcomed! I have already had a few ppl with great feedback- has really helped me have different veiws on everything! Thankyou!

One more thing, I have a new topic under my discussions tab on my page- Which I will also put up here!

Are your days very busy, dont have enough time to advertise and spread the word about your company?

Since I am home 7 days a week with my computer almost always infront of me, I have the time to give you a hand!

I can help you by advertising for you.
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A couple times a day I will do post's about you and your product :o) Get ppl interested and get them to want to come see your page! I will do my best to make it as personable as I can!

1>Advertising is $7.00 for one month .
oR a Second option
2>Advertising for $10.00 for one month- This will be available for up to 15 ppl only (The difference in this is that I will put your page in my 'likes' on the left bar of my page-The reason I will accept only up to 15 ppl is then this way your picture will be there more, eg if there's 15, then every three days you'll be rotated and back up for 24hrs)

If this doesn't make sense or got questions let me know! lol But I am willing to put the work into it as I have the time to do it :o)

Any interest let me know! and we can do payment through paypal and get started right away!!!!
 Go and Check out Brittany's Page on FaceBook! She is a newly recruited Partylite consultant in San Antonio, TX! This army wife is looking for some fans for her page, so come and check her out!
PartyLite With Brittany

Now I am off to work on my new blog- which I will be starting Saturday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too Lazy To Type!??!

Seriously...lazy to type, is that even possible???? lol  I am frazzled, I keep second guessing myself and wondering if I'm forgetting something. I want to say I'm going crazy, but I think that this is normal.... isn't it?

haha (side note; I love monkey and frogs to death)!!!
So my facebook page is doing well- a lot of networking with everyone, I've been doing giveaways like grazy!  I love giving away items to ppl <3
I've had a few listing go off my Etsy shop, as I decided not to renew them. But Will be uploading some more!
As for being frustrated right now...I've been attemting a  few items and started making and then got stumped so to speak...either my wire ran out, or I didn't like how it looked, or I just wasn't satisfied with it!
So I have about five different items that are sitting here on my table just taunting me!

I didn't realize that the 26th is on Saturday...Where does the time go??? If just flies by us! Lets see what I just realized....My baby is going to be 9 in three days, which makes me 29.....In grade 3 and talks about boys already- especially Justin Bieber. (forgive me if I spelt his last name wrong), and pretends to hate Miley Cyrus, just cuz some of the others dont like her....Oh boy, it's beginning.... DUM DUM DUMMMMMM! lol
The other thing I realized is that I had planned on starting my Blog on the 26th....I mean start my second blog! This is a journey for me that I plan on doing, that'll take me 1 yr.....I will not give away details but I will say that There will be giveaways included almost daily! So keep your eye's open as I will tweet and FB when I post my first blog!

I also just want to mention that I am going to do a giveaway at 600 fans on Facebook- which Im just over 100 away from that goal. I am looking for sponsers, so email me or msg me! On here, via facebook or
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Computer, Computer, Computer!

Wow! I just want to toss my computer out for a bit!  I feel the computer has taken over my life!! After I write this, no more computer tonight!!!  I've been trying to read up on anything that'll help me blog and help with my Etsy shop.
I've also been doing a TON of networking! I did my own 150 fan giveaway- Lucky Lady  is janet! So I've been working on it, just taking my time as I want this one to be special :o)

Another thing that I'm happy to share is I am one of the MANY sponsers who are part of a few Facebook giveaways! 
 Beachside Treasuries ( Facebook)   & Mommy of 3 Peas (Facebook)  Both are amazing contest's with many awesome prizes and it's super easy to enter each of them!!  So make sure you go and take a look at them both!

I am still working on my new blog, and I am really excited about it! I will keep this one goin also, but I will just do it two or three times a my other one will be a daily thing! It is so hard for me not to tell anyone anything as I want to keep it
The only other thing that I have to share is I worked on my profile bio on Etsy. I Read about three or four different article's on it and finally pieced it together! Yeah, only after about five hours or so! It's important to make me real.....or feel like the person has met me or knows me!  I wasn't sure if I was going to just copy and past it here or if I should just link it to my bio......hmmmmm what to do..what to do....  (two min later).. Okay I will just past it here for you to read.....I accept anyone's comments on how I did, I'd greatly appreaciate it!

I am a stay at home mother of my 9 yr old daughter, and am happily married. I struggle with every day things weight, sleep, money and health issues, just like every one else. Though there is something that I have never struggled with, being creative and making things with my own two hands.
I've always done something artistic, drawing scrapbooking, crocheting and my newest additions are making jewelry and attempting home made body scrubs! I love the feeling of euphoria I get from making something beautiful and someone loving that item enough that they just 'have to have it'! The next best thing is hearing feedback from customers.
~Maggie G Miller
"" I ordered a bracelet for my daughter for Christmas. order arrived on time, beautiful work, great attention to detail. She was the person I had purchased anything from on ETSY great customer service.
~Erin Stalnaker
this girl is rad!!! her stuff is great but more importantly (to me) she's: a) not at all snooty, b) super-responsive if you contact her, c) goes out of her way when you're a luddite like me and pay for something twice on paypal to return your hard-earned dough, d) makes sweet and thoughtful handmade cards if you tell her it's a gift, ...e) even wraps!
When you come into my shop a few words come to mind fun, funky, eclectic, open and inviting. I like to make most items to be one of a kind, original just like us! I also like to dabble in different designs, techniques and materials.
If you asked me what inspires me I honestly couldn't tell you a direct answer, it can be anything from music, a drawing, my daughter or a memory of something!

Is there something you'd like to have made and dont see Or want to help design your own item Or already have an idea in mind?? I will be happy to work with you on it!~
Here are other place you will find me and how you can get in touch with me;

email ~ sumthing_purdy [!at]
etsy ~
blog ~
twitter ~!/SumthingPurdy
facebook ~

link to my policies page ~

What do you think??? Please do let me know!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finally, A little about me.

I grew up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. Graduated school and then went to college to become a cosmetologist.  In 2002 I became a first time mother to a beautiful girl <3

Since then I have struggled with many health issues. P.C.O.S. ( Polycystic ovary syndrome) is something that many woman have without even knowing it, and a lot of the effects of have PCOS cause your body to not really work the way it should.  What is PCOS?

 First time you meet me, I'm pretty quiet and just listen. But after a while you learn that I am more outgoing, loud, artistic, warm, trustworthy OOAK woman! (I used woman?!?!? Wow I'm getting old) lol

I've always been artistic and I always have to be doing something! i started cutting hair a few years before even taking the course! I've always drawn, love crafts, scrapbooking, crocheting, currently making jewelry, attempting to make special body soaps/scrubs and beginning a new blog.

Does it sound like I'm attempting a lot, cause it doesn't feel like it! I love making something that gives someone else joy and a good feeling. I do everything in my power to put others first and I try not to focus on the negative too much.

I have a wonderful husband, who from time to time can be a pain in the, 'you know what'! Been together for 10 yrs now- married for 8! I'm not sure where my grey hair has come from- my husband or my daughter! lol  I have great love and support from my hubby and even though he might look at my jewelry and thinkg, "what in the....." he still sticks by me and tell's me to go for it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Things are coming together

Slowly but surely things are going very smoothly for myself!  I stepped out of my comfort zone the other day and approached a coffee shop owner about selling my jewelry. She asked me to come back the next day- yesterday. It went really well for me, though I was nervious and I'm sure I messed up what I was saying a few times! Come April I will bring her some items that she was interested in having! Stupid me, I should have just written down info that she was telling me....I remember cabachons, and most the colors...then corded necklaces with doughnut pendants. hmmmm

While sitting and chatting with the owner she directed me to another place to try. I figured that I might as well stop in, I mean I did have some of my jewelry with me- whats the harm right!??! Well there was no harm, just nerves, but what ended up of it? She took four items from me to have in her store. Then I bought a few beads from her! lol

I'm not worried about making money at this point, I just want to get my items out there for people to see and enjoy!  I know what it's like to find something that you love and makes you feel great, so if I can do that for someone- then GREAT!

I figure out that I have to write a bit about myself so everyone can get a feeling of who I am.....So tomorrow I'll do that! (Me, procrastinate-NAW!)

BTW I did some computer shopping tonight- Ugh I was feeling great about it all, UNTIL I saw the total of things! Here's a photo or two of some things I am now waiting for.

Dont forget to become a fan and see the post on my Facebook page, to win your own personal charm bracelet (worth up to $40.00)!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not Sure

Here I am this morning with a million things running through my head. As Etsy held it's first live symposium from NY, the discussions that I did get to see gave me a lot to think about!

 My number one, top priority right now is my blog and the maind descision that I've been struggling over is if I should start a new blog or keep this blog (for my new idea). Your feedback is more than welcomed on this one. I mean it is a way for me to get exposure for my jewelry, but at the same time I want the blog to be found easily (by the name of it/which is going to be about what Im doing).

Does this even make sense to anyone? lol  I dont want to spill out the beans before I start my one year journey- But it is a challenge for myself to do this one thing every day...actually it's a challenge to do almost anything every day!

It's not even noon and I feel like....This
I did a search on google 'frazzled' ....funny thing is when the blog that I found the photo on, I'm now following! lol
I dont even know if I have the quarkiness to get ppls' interest when I write...yeesh... More thinking for today!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

An unexpected post from me

I was planning on writing a blog today about myself- a sort of 'get to know me' kinda thing....but I am not really up for it tonight.  I got new's last night about my nephew (the pic) who's just over a year old- is in the hospital.  All I can say is thank goodness his father (my brother inlaw) was running late for work, (he happens to be a fireman and was a paramedic), and that I really do find it important to take a course for knowing how to properly do cpr!
My nephew, Jagger. He stopped breathing twice, both times his father revived him.  They are in the hospital and they have him in the ICU. The cardioligist had a look at his heart and everything has come back fine.
Okay then- that's gotta be a good thing, right??? 
Now they are running more test's because they are thinking it might have been some sort of seizure, so the neurologist is now doing test's...checking his brain. 
So we are all waiting for a call from my sister (she said she'd call if anything has come up). . Which as a parent I can't even imagine  what my sister has been feeling!
Needless to say, today I haven't been creative at all!  
Well, I am off to bed!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New to the Blogger world

I am wondering what the difference is between blogging and tweeting. LoL  I guess there is a difference in them, this being the big one (being able to post more than a hundred something words)!  I am watching video's on how to use this site, as back in November I created this and got frustrated cause I couldn't figure it out. But here I am.

 Sales have been going steady, nothing too crazy. Just enough to make others and myself happy :o) I have had a few great reviews on my facebook page, so feel free to check it out!

I just sent off some of my items to a wardrobe stylist in MI. I hope that Anna is pleased with the one we worked on together!  (Could you imagine flipping through a magazine and seeing an add with a model wearing something that you crafted)?!?! Crazy!

Did I mention that I can't wait for winter to be over??? I can't wait to be able to do farmer's markets and such this summer!  I hope that you enjoy my bog....well what I have started as my blog so far! lol