Saturday, February 5, 2011

An unexpected post from me

I was planning on writing a blog today about myself- a sort of 'get to know me' kinda thing....but I am not really up for it tonight.  I got new's last night about my nephew (the pic) who's just over a year old- is in the hospital.  All I can say is thank goodness his father (my brother inlaw) was running late for work, (he happens to be a fireman and was a paramedic), and that I really do find it important to take a course for knowing how to properly do cpr!
My nephew, Jagger. He stopped breathing twice, both times his father revived him.  They are in the hospital and they have him in the ICU. The cardioligist had a look at his heart and everything has come back fine.
Okay then- that's gotta be a good thing, right??? 
Now they are running more test's because they are thinking it might have been some sort of seizure, so the neurologist is now doing test's...checking his brain. 
So we are all waiting for a call from my sister (she said she'd call if anything has come up). . Which as a parent I can't even imagine  what my sister has been feeling!
Needless to say, today I haven't been creative at all!  
Well, I am off to bed!


  1. saw your note at etsy symposium. I'd be happy to help a little bit with your blog. Are you on FB or flickr?

  2. I am on seriously though so many. flickr, etsy, FB....and such. and yeah, I would accept any help from anyone! lol (normally I know my computer stuff but this whole blog thing is throwing me off.


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