Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Computer, Computer, Computer!

Wow! I just want to toss my computer out for a bit!  I feel the computer has taken over my life!! After I write this, no more computer tonight!!!  I've been trying to read up on anything that'll help me blog and help with my Etsy shop.
I've also been doing a TON of networking! I did my own 150 fan giveaway- Lucky Lady  is janet! So I've been working on it, just taking my time as I want this one to be special :o)

Another thing that I'm happy to share is I am one of the MANY sponsers who are part of a few Facebook giveaways! 
 Beachside Treasuries ( Facebook)   & Mommy of 3 Peas (Facebook)  Both are amazing contest's with many awesome prizes and it's super easy to enter each of them!!  So make sure you go and take a look at them both!

I am still working on my new blog, and I am really excited about it! I will keep this one goin also, but I will just do it two or three times a my other one will be a daily thing! It is so hard for me not to tell anyone anything as I want to keep it
The only other thing that I have to share is I worked on my profile bio on Etsy. I Read about three or four different article's on it and finally pieced it together! Yeah, only after about five hours or so! It's important to make me real.....or feel like the person has met me or knows me!  I wasn't sure if I was going to just copy and past it here or if I should just link it to my bio......hmmmmm what to do..what to do....  (two min later).. Okay I will just past it here for you to read.....I accept anyone's comments on how I did, I'd greatly appreaciate it!

I am a stay at home mother of my 9 yr old daughter, and am happily married. I struggle with every day things weight, sleep, money and health issues, just like every one else. Though there is something that I have never struggled with, being creative and making things with my own two hands.
I've always done something artistic, drawing scrapbooking, crocheting and my newest additions are making jewelry and attempting home made body scrubs! I love the feeling of euphoria I get from making something beautiful and someone loving that item enough that they just 'have to have it'! The next best thing is hearing feedback from customers.
~Maggie G Miller
"" I ordered a bracelet for my daughter for Christmas. order arrived on time, beautiful work, great attention to detail. She was the person I had purchased anything from on ETSY great customer service.
~Erin Stalnaker
this girl is rad!!! her stuff is great but more importantly (to me) she's: a) not at all snooty, b) super-responsive if you contact her, c) goes out of her way when you're a luddite like me and pay for something twice on paypal to return your hard-earned dough, d) makes sweet and thoughtful handmade cards if you tell her it's a gift, ...e) even wraps!
When you come into my shop a few words come to mind fun, funky, eclectic, open and inviting. I like to make most items to be one of a kind, original just like us! I also like to dabble in different designs, techniques and materials.
If you asked me what inspires me I honestly couldn't tell you a direct answer, it can be anything from music, a drawing, my daughter or a memory of something!

Is there something you'd like to have made and dont see Or want to help design your own item Or already have an idea in mind?? I will be happy to work with you on it!~
Here are other place you will find me and how you can get in touch with me;

email ~ sumthing_purdy [!at]
etsy ~
blog ~
twitter ~!/SumthingPurdy
facebook ~

link to my policies page ~

What do you think??? Please do let me know!!

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  1. I feel your pain re:the computer taking over your life!


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