Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not Sure

Here I am this morning with a million things running through my head. As Etsy held it's first live symposium from NY, the discussions that I did get to see gave me a lot to think about!

 My number one, top priority right now is my blog and the maind descision that I've been struggling over is if I should start a new blog or keep this blog (for my new idea). Your feedback is more than welcomed on this one. I mean it is a way for me to get exposure for my jewelry, but at the same time I want the blog to be found easily (by the name of it/which is going to be about what Im doing).

Does this even make sense to anyone? lol  I dont want to spill out the beans before I start my one year journey- But it is a challenge for myself to do this one thing every day...actually it's a challenge to do almost anything every day!

It's not even noon and I feel like....This
I did a search on google 'frazzled' ....funny thing is when the blog that I found the photo on, I'm now following! lol
I dont even know if I have the quarkiness to get ppls' interest when I write...yeesh... More thinking for today!

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  1. love your blog!

    I am a new follower from Pay It Forward on Etsy. Please come follow me back at my blog! I am also featuring different items from Etsy Stores on my blog... if you are interested let me know on my blog with a post.


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