Friday, February 25, 2011

I am officially insaine!

Seriously- I  have officially lost it! Where'd my mind go to....Anyone know where I might be able to find it?? lol
My daughter came home being mad with me. (oh the joy's of having a child mad at you, especially when you have no idea why yet)! She was mad that I didn't go to the school with a sled at the end of the day so she could play.....Sorry -5 and I couldn't get rid of the chill in my bones! Not going outside! So I said to her that tomorrow after school I'd be there with her sled and she can stay- She got more mad at me, cause she said there was no school tomorrow. Well I told her that there was kept going back and forth for a bit. She told me it was the 24th and it's the weekend....So I go wake my hubby from his sleep to tell him that she was so angry with me....
So after explaining to my hubby why our daughter was so mad at me, he then told me that She doesn't have school tomorrow. I think I looked at him like he just was an idiot and told him it's only Wed, so she still has school tomorrow and I'll bring her sledding after school. I think I asked him about five times if he was sure he was right....that today is
                                   Thursday, February 24, 2011
So I couldn't believe that somewhere along the week I lost myself....or I lost a day I should say! lol
As of now though it is Friday!  I still cannot believe that I totally did that....  So today at some point I will bring my daughter sledding.

So I've been working with different items lately, but have gotten lost as to how to finish some of them. So when this happens I put it in a container and every once and a while I will pull them out to look at them see if I come up with anything new. I have an album of most of the items on FB but here are a few of pics to see now.

Feedback is definately welcomed! I have already had a few ppl with great feedback- has really helped me have different veiws on everything! Thankyou!

One more thing, I have a new topic under my discussions tab on my page- Which I will also put up here!

Are your days very busy, dont have enough time to advertise and spread the word about your company?

Since I am home 7 days a week with my computer almost always infront of me, I have the time to give you a hand!

I can help you by advertising for you.
I can advertise on
* FB
* Twitter,
* I can do a shoutout in my Blog
* and I can also do post's on my personal FB page :o)

A couple times a day I will do post's about you and your product :o) Get ppl interested and get them to want to come see your page! I will do my best to make it as personable as I can!

1>Advertising is $7.00 for one month .
oR a Second option
2>Advertising for $10.00 for one month- This will be available for up to 15 ppl only (The difference in this is that I will put your page in my 'likes' on the left bar of my page-The reason I will accept only up to 15 ppl is then this way your picture will be there more, eg if there's 15, then every three days you'll be rotated and back up for 24hrs)

If this doesn't make sense or got questions let me know! lol But I am willing to put the work into it as I have the time to do it :o)

Any interest let me know! and we can do payment through paypal and get started right away!!!!
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PartyLite With Brittany

Now I am off to work on my new blog- which I will be starting Saturday!


  1. Are those silver ones charms? They look freaking gorgeous!! Oh and thank you! OMG! There I am!! I definitely appreciate that!

  2. Well at least You didn't have to remember to pick you daughter up after safety patrol and she wound up walking home ....I think 5 miles! She still reminds me of it 8 years later!Things Mom's will never live down.

  3. Very neat items and cute blog! Stopping in to say hi, since I noticed you stopped at my bog. Thanks a bunch!

  4. what if you made some sort of hair clip/Barret or hair jewelry of some sort.... combine 2 of your talents...just a thought

  5. the silver ones make into brooches,and the last two pony tail holders


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