Monday, April 18, 2011

I love to hear your insight!

So today is going to be a more personal blog.....I need to hear your feedback on this- and share with others as I dont know what to do.



Do you think a person has the right to take away your rights?  (I know this alone doesn't make sense- so I will elaborate for you all)

The story-
Your  family backround isn't that great (you love your mother but she is mentally unstable- has been all your life). She has a bf (been with her for about 5yrs- he's a scum bag). Long story short one night he egged you on- to the point where you'd lose it on him- so there's a physical altercation- he chokes you, you hit him with a bat to get him to let go of you (though you barely can do that because you are light headed). Rest of your family is the same way as your mother and boyfriend.... Basically they have to be in the middle of something that is going on- look at me kind of thing.

So you decide to stay  away from all family members. 5yrs later you find out your mother is ill- I mean really ill! She's at the stage where nothing can be done- she leaves the hospital to live out the rest of her days (stage 4 cancer).

So even though things have been strained all your life you can't change the fact that you love your mother, always have.... When your grandmother says she wants you to visit your mother and mentions it to your mother--- first thing that's said is from the boyfriend "if he comes anywhere near here/her/us I'll call the police"!

So this goes back to the question at the beginning again.... Does someone have the right to take your right's away- your right to see your mother for the last time.

What would you do in this situation??  I am stumped on this!  I've known in all of 10yrs of being with my husband, that no matter what crap he's goes through with his mother and grandparents and sister- he loves them very much (he can't really hide that from me).

Please share this with others and leave your veiw or feedback, as I dont even know what to say to my own husband. I know we'll be going to the funeral- and I know it'll cause a commotion, which i dont really care about..but he has the right to see his mother... she's weak and just agree's with her boyfriend, has since the beginning...... it's sad though.

So far my hubby is doing okay- really holding it in though... As far as I am concerned he has the right to see his mother...but if she is agreeing with the boyfriend nothing can be done. It's not like we can sneak to her place, her bf will always be there sense he's on income assistance.

In advance thanks for reading my blog today and thanks for your feedback! I really need it at this time!!

I feel helpless

My next post will have some of my newer jewelry on it for yo uall <3 thank-you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few photo's for you to enjoy!

Today's been an alright day for myself.... just trying to organize some things and get a few things done. Got some new photo's that I will be adding to facebook of necklaces and such, I've also been doing some crocheting- did some scrubbies, I'll share those photo's too!!

This next couple of weeks I will be working on some new items, as soon the farmers market will be beginning again! This year I am really excited about it :o) I am sharing a table with an older lady who's such a doll! So I'll be sure to take some photo's of that too!\

This is the Oreo Cookie scrubby

Then I did a sandal next!
I thought that they worked out pretty good! So I'm going to venture out and make a few more of them maybe for my nieces and nephew! They are a big hit in my house- I'm not sure who like's them better my hubby or my daughter! lol
I have also some photo's of my newest jewelry items.

I love this necklace cause it's my favorite color!

This next photo, is a necklace that I of course also love! The tiny details with the wire is all hand made- the only part I didn't make myself is the jump rights and clasp.

I have another one...but I can't spoil all the fun, can I?!?!

Lastly I just want to share a link with everyone

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  use the link I have added to make your purchase now!

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Even if you personally aren't making a purchase, spread the word to others! It's always nice to help raise money for a good cause!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I have fallen wayside! But here I am- FINALLY!

I have not been keeping my end of the bargain- every three days- Lets see if I can get in gear here!
Spring break is over, and things are slowly getting back into gear!

I have been working on some different items lately, I will share them with you- I have yet to put them up for sale in my shop (I will start putting the new items on Etsy throughout the next few days!).
A cabachon link bracelet <3

I also have a few events I am working on, two for Sumthing Purdy and one for Earrings A Day.

I have my first big giveaway coming up! My 1100 fan giveaway :o) (which I am trying to figure out how I have to do it, since there are a TON of facebook rules as to how to run them..... so confusing at times)

Second I want to do something big for Mother's day! I have the idea all figured out, just need LOTS of vendors! I want to do bingo games all day long

Thridly for Earrings a Day-
 I would like to do a fundraising auction! (this date isn't set yet, but I am aiming for mid May- I am thinking of the beginning of next month to put it up) All proceeds will go into the fund for the charity!