Friday, February 11, 2011

Things are coming together

Slowly but surely things are going very smoothly for myself!  I stepped out of my comfort zone the other day and approached a coffee shop owner about selling my jewelry. She asked me to come back the next day- yesterday. It went really well for me, though I was nervious and I'm sure I messed up what I was saying a few times! Come April I will bring her some items that she was interested in having! Stupid me, I should have just written down info that she was telling me....I remember cabachons, and most the colors...then corded necklaces with doughnut pendants. hmmmm

While sitting and chatting with the owner she directed me to another place to try. I figured that I might as well stop in, I mean I did have some of my jewelry with me- whats the harm right!??! Well there was no harm, just nerves, but what ended up of it? She took four items from me to have in her store. Then I bought a few beads from her! lol

I'm not worried about making money at this point, I just want to get my items out there for people to see and enjoy!  I know what it's like to find something that you love and makes you feel great, so if I can do that for someone- then GREAT!

I figure out that I have to write a bit about myself so everyone can get a feeling of who I am.....So tomorrow I'll do that! (Me, procrastinate-NAW!)

BTW I did some computer shopping tonight- Ugh I was feeling great about it all, UNTIL I saw the total of things! Here's a photo or two of some things I am now waiting for.

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