Saturday, March 5, 2011

You want me to do what!?!?

So this morning as we are about to leave my husband just starts laughing out loud, so I kept asking what he was laughing about but I could tell he didn't want to tell me. This got me mad! He then told me he was laughing cause he was thinking about a bunch of people running around a gym doing soccer stuff, more or less he was imagining me donig it! He has told me though over the last few days that he know's I can do it! The last three days we've actually been laughing about it.

See, I'm not your typical soccer coach, I have a lot of health issues and am not fit in the least bit! I was a little worried this morning, more of the unknown. Not knowing what was going to go on or what we'd have to do. I'm glad I can laugh at myself, cause otherwise I'd probably cry!

The other day a girl I grew up with said that She remember's how competative I was in school. I dont remember being competative but I do remember that I always ran faster than the boys in my class and I wanted to do better than them! I think that's because I was always overweight and was picked on or made fun of, so I had to do something better than those who were jerks to me. Even though I was made fun of by kids I grew up with I still considered them my friends, I went to school with these kids from kindergarden through to grade 8. What I went through made me who I am today, and I wouldn't change it for anything :o)
So today at the soccer course, all went relatively well. An hr was spend on the handbook and discussing things, then we went to the gym for 1.5hrs. We were split into three groups and the guy explained different warm ups and other things to do, so as one group went up the other's watched. When my group went up I was wondering what he was going to have us do, and it wasn't as bad as what some of the groups had done! lol Doing a figure 8 around cones is hard on the gym floor! lol passing the soccer ball through the cones running around....running through ladder rungs different warm up games....

You dont have to watch this whole vid as it's 7minutes long, but the first thing that is shown on the video is the first thing I had to do (Hence the title for today's blog) lol

I am sure glad it wasn't as bad as I thought, and I definately learned a lot! Next weekend I have a three day course, then become a certified soccer coach.

I am sure glad that I made it through my day. I think that I should have a little more confidence in myself now! I can do it........ I did it today!

I can't wait for tomorrow because we are picking up our daughter, and then the week begins again <3

Here's a photo of a necklace that I will be finishing this week :O)

I've had these Heart Wish Box charms and was originally going to use them for charm bracelets (which mind you I still may do). But I am working on another idea too! So stay tuned!


  1. oh my, oh my, i am rolling around on the floor....steff,, did you do all those things on the video???'s true you were very allways beat the boys in p.e....or in any baseball game or what-ever....they would sure be lalughing at you now.....but Ii am proud of you..Keep it up..hee!!!


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