Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Back- Fall Forward ??

What a day I had today! Have you ever had a day where you are pretty sure you've gone through every emotion ever possible?? I think I had one of those days today.

I seriously have felt everyone of those faces today!

The last few months have been long for us, we are going through a few things and a few changes in this time period..... This last week my hubby got stuck where he went to visit a friend and pick up some of our stuff. There seemed to be one thing after another that happened, and not necessarily good things. When he was going to come home he couldn't go because of  a road closure, avalanch and mud/rock slide....He waited till the next day, and what would normally take eight hours to drive, took him twelve hours!!  Mother nature sure is having her fun right now! lol   Click here to see a short video of the avalanche                               

Have you had one of those days where you wake up and just are in a bad mood and cranky? Well that was my hubby today! Everything made him mad and cranky- so at one point him and I had a little spat! (It's been a while since that has happened) One thing lead to another and that was it! He felt worthless and horrible and at one point cried a few tears (OMG I told the world he cried)!  I then did what I usually do and be the strong one, sit there and talk it out with him and make him feel somewhat better (I've been doing that for 10yrs with him, and I will always be there for him and give him a shoulder if he ever needs it)..... So one thing diffused.....and another thing starts!

Then I guess it was my turn! I started crying about things, and finally talk to him about how I am feeling about everything. I am really bad at not talking about how I feel and what is going on inside my head,  I just let things be until Im pretty much ready to blow. As long as everyone else is happy, has what they need or I've helped them by putting them first- I just put that before anything personal. That way I dont have to focus on things that I dont want to deal with! I know it's bad!
Once I started to be upset I then started to doubt myself about everything, if I can do the coaching for soccer, if I can start up my own buisness with jewelry and then hairdressing- it just avalanched from there!

I couldn't shake the crying, it just kept coming out of me!! It's been a while since I've been like this!  It's also been about two years since I've gone through the baby blues, and the last two weeks it's hit me pretty bad. I told him about that too, and he said he can't lie and say he know's how I feel, cause he doesn't and he can't even begin to imagine how I feel or what goes through my mind about it.  After about a minute of calming down I wanted to show him a picture that my gf showed me before posting it on FB-

I was very honored that I was invited to veiw the 3D ultrasound via webcast this weekend (and it killed me that I had to miss it because of my soccer clinic). So I showed my hubby the photo and as soon as I saw the pic again I just bawled! I was a mess! I know of so many people who are having babies, and I couldn't be more than happy for them all <3 And all my friends who have had babies in the last year! Babies just keep getting cuter and cuter <3

I'd like to say after ten years of being together with someone it get's easier, but it doesn't! It's something that you always have to be working at! Some things get better and some things may get worse...but in my situation I always know that no matter what I have a husband that loves me with all his heart, and on a day like today , that re-affirms it! 

I almost forgot- after having a nap and waking up we were looking at the time and getting confused because the computer clock was different the the stove clock- so we sat there for a few minutes and then I remembered about the time change! My husband was sure that time was to go back an hour, I told him it was the other way around- I laughed so hard cause I could tell he was thinking so hard- I told him that you don't spring back and fall forward- it's fall back spring forward! hahaha

So this was my day, and I cannot believe that I have been this open about my day with everyone else.
I am thinking about doing a raffle on my Facebook page- with a buy in - one slot for $3.00 or two for $5.00. I will do what other's have done- and put up numbers 1- 30 and then have a three prizes to be won.
What I need to know from everyone is what they'd like to see up for the prizes? I was thinking a necklace for first place ; a charm bracelet for second place; earrings for third place. Please leave me your comment here and let me know, unless I get good feedback on here I wont end up doing the raffle.

 Dont forget to leave me some feedback PLEASE! I really want to do the raffle idea <3


  1. The Bottom Pic reminds me of those earrings you made last week. I know what you mean I usually do everything for everyone else first two. I have been known to drop everything and go to a friend when she'd call instead of finishing what needed to get done here.

  2. I commented on this!!!!

    Matching necklace and earrings 1st
    charm bracelet 2nd
    earrings 3rd


Thank-you for your comment!