Friday, March 25, 2011

A Long Overdue Post !

 Well it's long overdue for me to do my blog post! I have been sick and still am stuck with this cough that is dry and is absolutely killing me!!! Nothing is working for getting rid of this dry cough- I am going to go back on my asthma puffer tomorrow to see if that will help lessen it at all. I will cross my fingers!
Did you see today's earrings on my other blog-->  Earrings A Day??  I think they are cute!


Im finding I am still being a little more girly.....I've still been emotional, especially about the whole baby thing!  This is driving me nuts!! I need my hard shell of an exterior back! lol What I really find funny is I was doing a google search to find a photo to put in after my last comment, I used the words 'hard exterior' in my search and this is one of the photo's that came up!

 I love that man! One of my fav actors <3

 But back to the whole baby subject- I have joined this group on facebook, and I just dont know how these parents do what they have to do- or even their daughter deals with daily! On March 17, 2011 Camryn Hunter was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Kingston for the next 4 to 8 months.

The group is there for people who want to send support and love to the Hunter family, and even there are people who are doing things to raise money to be able to help out the family financialy. The amazing thing is Camryn is only 3 yrs old!

There was a video posted up on the group of when she was born- the song, the pics, the words- all went together seamlessly, and watching the video makes you feel like you know this family! I am pretty sure that if you watch the video you will crack a tear or two!

A Prayer for Camryn is what the group is titled- please go and show your support. from time to time there are also updates on Camryn from her parents <3 They will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.
It is such a happy moment when we have children, and at the same time is very scary as we dont know what lays ahead for us all!
Well I am waiting now for a ton of things I ordered, I now have to order some more items. I've got this one photo to share with everyone, that I know you'll love just as much as me!
I am still working with a wardrobe stylist, Anna- You rock!  She is doing another photo shoot in May- that I am excited to make some new peices for! Here's is the one I have on hand, the Model who is gorgeous herself, is wearing my necklace & bracelet set.
Here are a few items that I've worked on lately, not all are listed at this time thought, but here's your sneak peak <3
This is an awesome vintage bracelet I ran across and am adding three jewels to it, just to give it something different! If it would fit my wrist I'd be keeping it for myself! lol

This necklace is one of my favorite's right now. I have used wire to place the beads together to make flowers. I hope to make a few more bracelets and necklaces with the same type of flowers.
This is a pin that I made, simple and small but I love the polymer clay flower!
Lastly here are some rings that I am keeping for myself, they are all made from vintage clip on earrings

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