Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life has become unexpectedly busy!

With the nice weather comes busy days! I find that I am on here less now that it is so nice outside! So once a day, probably eavnings I'll be on here (maybe twice a day/mornings).

My daughters school had a carnival the other night, and it seems like it went pretty good! Kids had a blast and I think the adults did too :o) I know Kira had fun!   They had a silent auction and then items that you could put your name in for to win- we wond three of the items somehow! lol  But I won a great prize for myself shampoo/conditioner w/ a gc to a place that does things like body wraps and stone massage...things like that- so hopefully I can put some money aside to use the gc by the 12th! I am excited to use it :o)

These are the cupcake cones Kira decorated with grandma....She did a good job!!

 All her prizes from the night!
Finally the night is done and we are relaxing on the porch <3

Here's some things I've been working on lately....

After 1 yr of trying a few times, I finally have peyote stitch figured out! yay! Here's a few of the bracelets I've already done!

I've also been working on some hair accessories, here's a few of them!

 This clip used to be a clip on earring! I made one into a hair clip, and the other is a ring! (you'll see them together in the next photo). I also have a broach that goes with it and plan on making a necklace with it, and sell them as a set when it's done!

Found some cute buttons and decided to use them!


  1. Kira's cupcakes look yummmy!

  2. Thanks Ladies- they were pretty yummy! After soccer season is done I am going to do cupcakes with my mom- we'll do home made fondant and I want to make soccer ball cupcakes for the kids!


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