Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Sunday

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day today! 

This morning I was up early for an out of town soccer game. I was the first one there- lol Set up the field and waited for everyone else to arrive. We didn't win this game, but the kids did really well this game! Kira even scored a goal! So proud of her for that!!! I think I am even enjoying being assistant coach!

It rained so bad yesterday that I thought we would have bad weather again today, but we are fortunate that it's not been that bad of a day.......little sprinkle's here and there, but for the most part it was good.

I've been working on a few different items of jewelry lately, been finding it a little tough though....almost like writers block!  I think i will begin going to the farmers market here soon, as I need to make some extra money and want to get selling my jewelry!

This necklace is cute...the stuff I got from the art store here, is interesting to work with.... It's comes in a tube shape and is like a netting- you slip beads into it to make something. In between the beads I used a large hole bead to space it out....there are different types of netting- one is clear like in the picture, then there's one with silver flecks and one with gold flecks.... It switches up a plain bead and give's it texture at the same time!
What else....oh yeah, this is what I am trying to work on right now..... I'm having trouble finding the right glue that will work for my items- but I am wanting to do some hair's what I've done so far....

Softwater pearls with glass seed beads from NewYork <3

This last photo is a pendant....Using thicker wire and thin wire, then I added some saphire on it.... i will just add it to a black chain, unless someone want's the pendant alone or on a silver chain.

I also want to share a shop I found and have fallen in LOVE with! This lady is so talented and I love her creations!! You should check it out!

Little Clay creations she made!!! Aren't they awesome!!

I just LOVE frogs!!

                         An Adorable Bear!

 Amazing details on these beads!!!!! There must be a great amount of time on beads like this!

You can find many of other items that are unique also!
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Hope that you've all enjoyed my blog today!!! Have a great Sunday!


  1. I think I've seen er shop, cute camera!
    Like the mesh thing. I know what you mean with the "Writers Block" thing. I go walking through so of my favorite shops to get ideas... a.k.a. second hand, thrift, antique and this one furniture store that I've fallen in love with. Ok the daughters one friend works there, but it gets me thinking;)

  2. Oh I'm blushing! Wow, thank you so much for the kind and generous compliments Stephanie. ;) You truly have made my weekend! I'm flattered & on cloud 9!
    I've enjoyed reading your profile story today and browsing your blog. A great way to spend my friday afternoon.
    Do you have a facebook fanpage that I could like and follow? I'd love to keep in closer contact. I know that's how I best keep in touch with my friends, followers and customers.
    Feel free to pop in if you're a facebooker,
    & many thanks friend.!/ArtfulHousewife

  3. Thanks Kath! (btw I'll email you back tonight)!

    Your very welcome Mary :o) I'm sorry I did not reply sooner- as I missed the alert that told me of your comment! My fan page is (I'm the one who msg'd you on Etsy) I am glad you enjoyed my blog and are happy with what I wrote about you! I do enjoy seeing what you do! Hope all is well for you this weekend!


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