Friday, April 8, 2011

I have fallen wayside! But here I am- FINALLY!

I have not been keeping my end of the bargain- every three days- Lets see if I can get in gear here!
Spring break is over, and things are slowly getting back into gear!

I have been working on some different items lately, I will share them with you- I have yet to put them up for sale in my shop (I will start putting the new items on Etsy throughout the next few days!).
A cabachon link bracelet <3

I also have a few events I am working on, two for Sumthing Purdy and one for Earrings A Day.

I have my first big giveaway coming up! My 1100 fan giveaway :o) (which I am trying to figure out how I have to do it, since there are a TON of facebook rules as to how to run them..... so confusing at times)

Second I want to do something big for Mother's day! I have the idea all figured out, just need LOTS of vendors! I want to do bingo games all day long

Thridly for Earrings a Day-
 I would like to do a fundraising auction! (this date isn't set yet, but I am aiming for mid May- I am thinking of the beginning of next month to put it up) All proceeds will go into the fund for the charity!



  1. You should consider MDA for a charity on ur website. SO many men and young boys deal with this disease. There is NO cure or medicine that will help it. :( It is what my husband has. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. MDA=Muscular Dystrophy Association.

  2. Hey! Here are the guidelines for running a giveaway on Facebook.

    If you want, look at Mama Luna's giveaway rules, and just copy and change them as you see fit. That's what I did with mine, and the woman was fine with it. I like the way she worked her giveaway, so it was all good!

    Oh, and I'll be contacting you - I was going to stop putting some of Mama Luna's stuff out there for giveaways, but I'm going to do it for you, and something from my other fan page, Journey Barefoot, as well!

  3. Christina- that's a good idea, and I will def. take that into consideration also!
    Melissa that is awesome of you, I appreciate it... I was looking at the guidlines the other night and it just confused me more! For it being my 1100 fan giveaway it'll prbbly be really small since no one has shown any interest in it for me.
    But that's alright, I haven't done any giveaway albums yet and have done just fine with my fans and I'm happy with that! I just saw ur comment on FB...thanks so much <3

  4. Lovely post! can't wait to see how you list them! And when you figure out the give away thing , you can explain how it works in a language I will understand:)


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