Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few photo's for you to enjoy!

Today's been an alright day for myself.... just trying to organize some things and get a few things done. Got some new photo's that I will be adding to facebook of necklaces and such, I've also been doing some crocheting- did some scrubbies, I'll share those photo's too!!

This next couple of weeks I will be working on some new items, as soon the farmers market will be beginning again! This year I am really excited about it :o) I am sharing a table with an older lady who's such a doll! So I'll be sure to take some photo's of that too!\

This is the Oreo Cookie scrubby

Then I did a sandal next!
I thought that they worked out pretty good! So I'm going to venture out and make a few more of them maybe for my nieces and nephew! They are a big hit in my house- I'm not sure who like's them better my hubby or my daughter! lol
I have also some photo's of my newest jewelry items.

I love this necklace cause it's my favorite color!

This next photo, is a necklace that I of course also love! The tiny details with the wire is all hand made- the only part I didn't make myself is the jump rights and clasp.

I have another one...but I can't spoil all the fun, can I?!?!

Lastly I just want to share a link with everyone

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  use the link I have added to make your purchase now!

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Even if you personally aren't making a purchase, spread the word to others! It's always nice to help raise money for a good cause!


  1. o gosh u always make me want something! My family is going purple for easter. That necklace is gorgeous... HOW MUCH! lol

  2. thanks so much for sharing!!! love the necklace, it is also my mothers fav color!


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